OSM Library

Ruby libraries for OpenStreetMap

[OpenStreetMap Project]

The OSM Library contains several packages which can be installed separately:


Basic support for OSM data model (Nodes, Ways, Relations, and Tags). Parsing of OSM XML files. Access to OSM API. [More...]


Export of OSM data into other formats. Currently supported: Shapefiles, KML, and CSV. [More...]


Storage of OSM data in a SQLite database. Loading from OSM XML files and writing into OSM XML files. [More...]


Search of the Name finder web service and parsing of results. [More...]

Package: Base

Contains basic support for OSM data model (Nodes, Ways, Relations and Tags) and a stream parser for OSM XML files. Since Version 0.1.2 it can also read data from the OSM Web API.


RDoc API reference.