OSM Library

Ruby libraries for OpenStreetMap

[OpenStreetMap Project]

The OSM Library contains several packages which can be installed separately:


Basic support for OSM data model (Nodes, Ways, Relations, and Tags). Parsing of OSM XML files. Access to OSM API. [More...]


Export of OSM data into other formats. Currently supported: Shapefiles, KML, and CSV. [More...]


Storage of OSM data in a SQLite database. Loading from OSM XML files and writing into OSM XML files. [More...]


Search of the Name finder web service and parsing of results. [More...]


The OSM Library is a collection of Ruby modules and classes to handle data from the OpenStreetMap project.


The OSM Library is rather new. Some parts are not well tested yet. Consider it beta quality.


All parts of the library are released into the Public Domain. You are free to use it in every way you like.


The source code is available from the Subversion repository at http://osmlib.rubyforge.org/svn/ (More Info). Contributions are welcome. Please contact the main developer Jochen Topf (jochen@remote.org) or the development mailing list.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists available: